Reliance Transcriptions, Inc.

Quality Assurance

Our solutions follow the SMART Methodology of being Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.


We apply a five-step process to ensure quality service and continuous improvement:

1. QUALITY AUDIT. We begin by performing due diligence and fact finding thru effective Quality Audits to identify strengths, opportunities and areas of improvement.

2. STRATEGIZE. Our teams begin defining Call Workflow Processes and the needed resources to work within those processes. The first step is defining expected Service Levels. A specialized Project Management Development Team will then identify all factors that impact SL and create various strategies derived from reliable useful data, statistics, and historical trending to achieve excellence.

3. EXECUTE. The Support Structure will then be implemented by having all phases of support tasks prepared on the agreed date.

4. EVALUATE. We review the effectiveness and measure the efficiencies of the implemented support structure within the first 90 days. We conduct Calibrations and Client Engagements brought about to measure Customer Satisfaction with the implemented Support Structure and identify if customer expectations were met or exceeded, by providing resolutions in a timely manner.

5. SUSTAIN. To achieve long-term business relationship, our dynamic support team will contact clients to facilitate continuous improvement initiatives. Our Operations Manager for Contact Center Operations will be the client’s Point of Contact (POC). Calibrations and Business Reviews will be led by our AM-CCO to discuss concerns, initiatives, development and action plans to improve further our quality of service and customer service environment.


We use a three-level approach to quality control:

The first level starts with the medical transcriptionists, who are trained in various fields of medicine and who are all HIPAA-certified. Every transcription goes through three important processes: TEP, or Transcribe, Edit, Proofread.

At the second level, experienced editors review transcriptions line-by-line to ensure accuracy, cohesion and relevance of the material as compared to the audio file set.

The last level of review by the QA involves checks on details like spelling, grammar, terminologies and organization.

These multi-layer steps are put in place to make sure the written documentations come back to clients with 99% accuracy rate. Turnaround time is quick: 2 hours for stat files and 8 hours for non-stat files.

We are compliant with HIPAA and AHDI standards.