Reliance Transcriptions, Inc.

About Us

Reliance Transcriptions and Infotech Corp. provides Integrated Customer Care Management Programs, Customer Care Services, Technical Support and Telemarketing Services, and Medical Transcription to businesses and consumers.

Founded in 2008, our company is composed of a motivated team that produces top-quality output at a short turnaround time. Our medical documentation service is recognized by international clients for its speed and accuracy. Our contact center services are geared towards surpassing client metrics and expectations.

Our Vision

We are a service-oriented company that provides top-quality business solutions through the integration of people, processes and technology, thereby contributing to long-term value to customers.

Our Mission

We strive to

Our Values

To achieve our mission and goals, we have defined the following company values:

Our Team

Upon acquiring RTI’s services, clients will have at its disposal a highly competent and dedicated Management Team composed of Team Managers, Trainers and Quality Assurance Specialists and I.T. Specialists with over 10 years of track record in delivering excellent Customer Service, Technical Support, Quality and Sales.

Our medical transcription production unit houses a total of 80 seats, operating on a 24/7 schedule. At present, we are averaging 400,000 lines and close to 10,000 audio files each month.

We continue to search and attract the best service professionals to meet with excellence the growing demand of our customers.

Our Awards

SME Rising Star Award 2011 City Level Winner

Micro Enterprise Category, given by the MSMED Council and the Department of Trade and Industry - Philippines

Regional Winner of the 2013 and 2011 Productivity Olympics - Best in Productivity Improvement Practices in the Service Sector, Micro-Enterprise Category

Given by the Department of Labor and Employment - Philippines

Finalist in the Productivity Improvement Program 2013 and 2011

Given by National Wages and Productivity Commission of the Department of Labor and Employment - Philippines